stay rad
girl; age; place;
I'm learning to smile with purpose again.

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my little brother came into his room and put 2 snails on my face !

(via 500px / Sunlit waterfall by Samuel Manzano)


i think I’m okay now but I don’t think that’s enough ://


Bob Dylan is the physical manifestation of indifference.
Sometimes, just saying that you hate something, and having someone agree with you,can make you feel better about a terrible situation. -

The Bad Beginnings

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

You knew the truth,
and I knew it too.
That one day in the near future,
You would just be another part of my past. - N.E.W.,  we’ll pretend like we didn’t expect the inevitable, like we lived in blissful in ignorance, like we were nothing more than two young souls in love. (via misehry)


hot people are always hotter when you find out how nice they are


Lake Louise : Alberta, Canada : Birk Possecker


me with every dog ever